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  1. Graves' Disease Message Boards
    I was DX Graves disease April 2015 and was put on Methimizole. My thyroid levels have been within range for the past 6-7 months with methimizol. I have been on it for a year and my levels are now normal, (actually a little hypo right now I think) and I am now feeling more hyper than ever. Super...
  2. Thyroid Surgery Discussion Forum
    This is kind of a long one but I WILL REALLY APPRECIATE any input. I am 31 year old male and type one diabetic for 18 years. I was diagnosed with graves disease a year ago and was very hyper TSH <0.006 range - 0.450-4.500 , T4 5.61 range - 0.82-1.77 (no T3 test at this time, March 2015) I was...
  3. Thyroid Disease General Discussion Forum
    I just feel like giving up today :-( I'm hypo with high antibodies, taking 30 mg armour thyroid for 4-5 wks, was feeling a little better, less brain fog, less muscle aches, and have lost 8 lbs. How ever I am still struggling with energy throughout the day. Heavy body and arms especially, feeling...
  4. Graves' Disease Message Boards
    I chew the insides of my lips and cheeks im always moving cant sit still, my fingers are so figety [i hate when people look at me like im crazy or when my tremors really become apparent.] i have tons of homework from college to do and i cant seem to concentrate for very long. i get super...
1-4 of 4 Results