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  1. Newbie Introductions - Don't be bashful!
    Two years ago my bloodwork regarding my Thyroid came back at 5.0. It had slowly been going up over a period of several years. I was put on the lowest dose of generic Synthroid. I can't remember ever feeling so sick. Like a rollercoaster ride ranging from exhaustion/extreme tiredness to just...
  2. Thyroid Disease General Discussion Forum
    For the majority of my life I have struggled through winters. I had periods of highs and lows and struggled to sustain a healthy lifestyle. About 5-6 years ago I pinpointed the fact that my symptoms started abruptley by mid October and end by early May. My symptoms sarts out as heavy limbs...
  3. Newbie Introductions - Don't be bashful!
    I have been living in a terribly debilitated state for three years with most of the typical symptoms (hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, etc.) but especially muscle pain and fatigue. I was given a Fibromyalgia label for which there is no meaningful treatment and sent on my way with a little...
  4. Newbie Introductions - Don't be bashful!
    Went to the dr today, to get a perscription reordered. I've been feeling very tired for days and sometimes a little dizzy and my ears ring. My blood pressure is just a little low: 102/60. They didn't take my temp. It's 96.5. My abdoman is swollen, and I couldn't sleep because I started hurting...
1-4 of 4 Results