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  1. Graves' Disease Message Boards
    Hello All. I'm 29 male. i have mild GED. My right eyelid is swollen and i feel my eye is slightly bulged. Left seem okay, but there is very slight swollen eyelid. I have lid lag on my right eye as well. Its only been 4 months that i'm clinically diagnosed with Graves, but i think my eye were...
  2. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Hashi's Disease) Forum
    Hi * I was diagnosed w/Hashi's when I was 26. I've been living with it for several years and dealing w/depression and anxiety. I'm on Zoloft, Luvox, Synthroid, and diazapam. I had a baby 20 months ago and since then my Hashi symptoms have been all over the place. My doc reduced my synthroid...
1-2 of 2 Results