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  1. Lab Results Discussion Boards
    TPO Antibodies 737.50 Range: 0.0-89.0 TSH 1.57 Range: 0.358-3.74 Free T4 1.30 Range 0.76-1.46 Free T3 2.69 Range 2.00-4.40 The only things that might be symptoms are extremely dry itchy skin and thinning hair. My hair was really curly until about a year ago. It has lost much of it...
  2. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Hashi's Disease) Forum
    This sounds really strange, but I'm wondering if anyone has foot problems. My feet hurt (a lot) after lying down. It's only been since I was diagnosed. Thank you!
  3. Newbie Introductions - Don't be bashful!
    Hi everyone I'm so totally overwhelmed. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in May. My labs are in my signature below. In addition, I have had an ultrasound which was the first thing to show thyroiditis. No nodules. My doctor asked if I had any questions after my diagnosis to which I said no...
  4. Newbie Introductions - Don't be bashful!
    Hello! I'm a 30yo female and I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hashimoto's. I live in Korea with my husband, so getting clear and helpful information in English out of my doctor is difficult. He speaks English, but not well enough to answer my millions of questions. Thyroid issues run...
  5. Lab Results Discussion Boards
    Hello everyone! Glad I found this board. I am looking for a little help. I do understand the forums rules and that I cannot be "diagnosed" by anyone here, but I am still hoping for a few opinions. I fear making this too long, so I'll try to sum up my story in brief :) Long time sufferer of...
1-5 of 5 Results