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  1. Thyroid Disease General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me what Hurthle cells are. I had fna and result was benign but 'numerous Hurthle cells present ' What does that mean? Ent seems to think all is fine. But when I google Hurthle cells, it seems like its not a good thing.
  2. Thyroid Disease General Discussion Forum
    I got the results of my fna. I am just confused what it means. All I wa told is that it's benign. Here's the report: Bland follicular cells, numerous hurthle cells, macrophages, abundant colloid. Are hurthle cells indicative of something? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thyroid Surgery Discussion Forum
    Had a subtotal yesterday to remove a nodule on the right side. FNA indicated Hurthle cell neoplasm. Pathology yesterday indicated same thing, so Dr. performed the partial. Waiting for final pathology next week. I am rather stiff in the neck, and it's tough to swallow which I anticipated. I...
  4. Thyroid Disease General Discussion Forum
    Results of my Ultrasound guided FNA showed "Aspirate shows colloid and isolated groups of sometimes overlapping follicular cells, some showing nucleoli and Hurtle-type cells. A follicular nodule with Hurtle cell component is suspected. No papillae seen." Previous ultrasound indicated a nodule...
  5. Lab Results Discussion Boards
    Hello, I am asking for any additional information possible about my results. I have to wait 2 weeks to see the surgeon and I have a few questions. First the facts - 46 year old female. Diagnosed with graves disease when I was 23. After one year of medication therapy I had two rounds of I 131...
1-5 of 5 Results