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  1. Thyroid Surgery Discussion Forum
    What a wonderful site to find out information on! I have had surgery scheduled for 7 weeks, but wasn't sure about going through with it. I have had my primary physician & and endo say take it out, and my ear/nose/throat dr & another endo say watch and wait approach. I have had an inconclusive...
  2. Lab Results Discussion Boards
    Hi, I have posted before and have some new information to check with others about. This is such a great resource to go to, to talk to real people who understand and know some answers. :hugs: Here's a little background..I have been seeing an ear/nose/throat specialist for 12 years to follow-up...
  3. Thyroid Disease General Discussion Forum
    So, I'm in the middle of God knows what with my thyroid. I can say that it's hypo, I have a nodule in the middle of my throat that hurts like hell and a voice so raspy, I could rival Janis Joplin. Dry cough, breathless on exertion and my body feels like crap. Oh and my face looks like a cabbage...
1-3 of 3 Results