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  1. Thyroid Disease General Discussion Forum
    I started taking Synthroid for hypothyroidism 10 days ago. I started off at 25 and then upped to 75 Synthroid 3 days ago as told by my Endo. Tonight I was eating and just got overly nauseous and my head started tingling. My sinuses have been terrible the past couple days too and I've been taking...
  2. Graves' Disease Message Boards
    Friday, my endo said "It's Graves; I"ve seen worse, but it's not mild. Let's call it moderate." He started me on 15mg once daily and said we would probably have to increase the dosage. Day one I felt like I was going to upchuck all day, but didn't. Day two I felt like something was in my throat...
1-2 of 2 Results