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  1. Thyroid Surgery Discussion Forum
    Hi everybody, I wanted to give an update since reading other experiences has been so useful for me. Plus I still have questions (and I am sure I will continue to do so) and I would appreciate any input I can get. So today was the first day after surgery that I started feeling significantly...
  2. Thyroid Surgery Discussion Forum
    As I woke up to go to the bathroom last night, I had this strange feeling that I was TALL (well, I once was 5 9" but have shrunk to about 5 7" ) in my twilight sleeping I realized it was my neck that was making me feel this way. It was no longer all full and stuck with that goiter so now felt...
  3. Thyroid Surgery Discussion Forum
    So I am three months post surgery after my PT for a benign mass. I had one blood test for TSH and T3 about 6 weeks after and it came back normal. I have been having daily headaches for the last 2-3 weeks, mainly over one side of my forehead. Also I have found myself crying so easily--it's...
1-3 of 3 Results