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  1. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Hashi's Disease) Forum
    I have just been told I should have a Thyroidectomy. I have a nodule that is slowly growing and have been on Synthroid for over a decade. I go to an ENT but I keep noticing that many go to an endocrinologist. Any advice on whether I'm going to the right doctor?:confused0003:
  2. Thyroid Surgery Discussion Forum
    I have relapsed with Graves and TT surgery is being scheduled in December. I have a long history of Graves dating back to age 14, now 52. Was euthyroid for years, and Graves kicked back in two years ago. Anyway, I expect to go totally hypo once my thyroid is removed, and my endo has...
  3. Thyroid Surgery Discussion Forum
    Hi, my name is Lori and I just had a TT 2 days ago. The right side had benign nodules and the left side had an indeterminate cyst that we are awaiting pathology results. I assumed I would be sent home with hormone replacement, and when I asked before I was discharged the nurse told me they...
  4. Additional Problems From Thyroid Disease
    on wednesday, october 5th, i underwent fatty orbital decompression surgery. in this procedure they don't remove any bone, only excess fat that has accumulated behind the globe. my exophthalmos wasn't severe enough to warrant the extra risk involved with a bony decompression. for those who are...
  5. Thyroid Cancer Survivor Message Boards
    Hi Guys, I know Kristina's test results looked good and I'm more than grateful for that - but tomorrow is the actual surgery TT and my nerves of what could be found is running wild. It's been a long road; one that I couldn't have gotten through without you guys so now I ask again for your...
41-45 of 45 Results