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    I've recently been diagnosed with Graves, and it is affecting my eyes. It started with pressure behind my eyes one morning about 7 weeks ago, and I was in bed for 5 days, nauseous and really fatigued, heart racing and pumping and very weak. My hyperthyroid symptoms are much better now, my weight...
  2. Newbie Introductions - Don't be bashful!
    Hi all, I'm hoping this is a good place to ask questions. I was recently diagnosed with Graves, and it all started in my eyes. I woke up one morning and I felt pressure behind my eyes and they got puffy. For 5 days I was in bed with no energy and I was nauseous and throwing up. The doctor said...
  3. Newbie Introductions - Don't be bashful!
    Hi all I am new to this site but I must say how supportive you are all and also how encouraging. I have read a few threads and it is great to read about other people going through similar experiences. In short, I was diagnosed with Severe Graves Disease in Non 2012 and went on to have 2 Thyroid...
1-3 of 3 Results