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  1. Hashitoxicosis Forum - High TPO Ab, TG Ab & TSI
    Hi all, A few years ago (in 2014/early 2015) my doctor ran some tests that showed measurable TSI and positive Tg and TPO. Thyroglobulin Ab: 83.9 IU/mL (<19.0) H (April 2014) Thyroid peroxide ab: 781iu/ml (<5) H (September 2014) TSI: 44% (<140) (August 2014) TSH: 2.6 (.35-4.9) (March 2015)...
  2. Lab Results Discussion Boards
    I had a partial thyroidectomy on 1/8 to remove a 2.7cm nodule. A second nodule was found and both turned out to be the follicular variant of papillary cancer. I had the completion surgery on 2/26. Twelve days later my thyroglobulin level was 8 while on 25mg of Cytomel, 1/2 a pill twice per day...
1-2 of 2 Results