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I see my endo on the 19th but want to ask some other people on methimazole who jumped from hyper to hypo. (you don't have to answer all four, any answer to any question would be helpful in my journey)

1. Does this automatically take me from Graves' to Hashimoto's?
2. Were you taken off (or titrated off) methimazole immediately?
3. I was told an immune condition triggered the hyper (now hypo) thyroidism. Is the the case with you? Did you figure out which condition triggered your hyperthyroidism?
4. Am I the only one who thinks they have ALS or MS or some other debilitating disease because of the side effects???

My story short: I started 15mg of Methimazole 30 days ago with a tsh of .27 and last night I went to the ER with shivers and numbness and tingling thinking I was having a stroke. I wasn't. They did a blood test showing my tsh at 12.5 so now i'm freaking out and can't get the endo to call me back. I'm afraid to keep taking it but also afraid to stop cold turkey.

Good Luck To Us All,
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