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Today I feel, can it be? almost, sort of, - good.

The fog has lifted from my brain.

I check out my parts -

no rashes

no bowel nonsense

no aches and pains

I am neither anxious or depressed

I am neither too hot nor too cold

I am, can it be?, good.

Today I feel, can it be? almost, sort of, -good

There is energy here I haven't felt in a while.

I should I should I should

get out and run

write that letter

start that project

finally clean out the fridge

I feel guilty sitting and enjoying

feeling normal for once.

Today I feel good - - and yet

Tomorrow looms large

And next week, and after

The bad will come back - it always does

Under the good feeling

Under the guilt of what I should be doing

Is the knowing it won't last

A small bit of dread I try to brush away.

Enjoy today, dammit; let tomorrow take care of itself

Today I feel, can it be? almost, sort of - good.

What did I do? How can this be?

I trace my steps back

Was it the cantaloupe I ate?

Or the popcorn? the perch?

Is that new mix of meds finally kicking in?

If I sleep with my head to the east

on a buckwheat pillow

during the new moon

can I keep the good days going?

I'll pray to St. Jude and ask.

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You have expressed feelings other wish they could. Lovely and heart-rendering poem.


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