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Abnormal Lab Results (need feedback - new to all of this!)

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Hi Guys!

I'm Jackie. I'm 33 years old for reference & totally new to this world. I'll just jump right to everything...

6 days ago I thought I was pregnant and went to the doctor to get blood work done. Turned out I wasn't pregnant. However, they tested my TSH and Free T4 levels. They came back VERY abnormal.

TSH = 42.72 (not a typo)
Free T4 = 0.7

The next day they made me come back to test for auto-immune blood cells. One of them also came back EXTREMELY abnormal.

Thyroglobulin Antibodies = 1
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies = 4

Thyroglobulin = 106.7 (again, not a typo!!!)

I have an appointment later this week with an endocrinologist. But, I'm so impatient! I wanted to come here and ask if anyone can shed some light.

I assume this means I have Hashimoto's Disease. However, with numbers like this is this a concern for cancer??
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