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Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, thyroid

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Hello! I am new here. And I’m looking for help. I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism at around 5 years old. I’m not sure how long later but my pediatrician had ablated my thyroid… I was put on synthroid/levothyroxine and was fine for years… in 2018 I, foolishly, stopped taking my levothyroxine. After a few months I began to show sudden terrible anxiety, panic attacks, depression. After realizing it might be because I’m not taking my meds I went back on them. I began improving, anxiety popped up here but no where near when it first started… for the next few years I was fine even got engaged and married! fast forward to 2023, I was about 125mcg of Levo and I didn’t return to the endo for my thyroid check up. A month before I got married (April) my libido went down drastically. Around September I started a graveyard shift at Amazon also the anxiety and panic attacks returned. I went back to the endo in October, my TSH was high, so my endo increased my Levo to 150. After about a month later (Nov) my anxiety subsided somewhat, it popped up here and there, but I was fine for a few weeks. I had missed about 5 doses that month and in Dec the anxiety, panic attacks and depression reappeared. I thought it was maybe the over night shift affecting my Circadian Rhythm and thus affecting my thyroid. I ended up quitting amazon because they couldn’t change my shift to day shift, and I was taking my Levo consistently. In Jan of 2023 the anxiety, panic attacks and depression were improving. And now the panic attacks are back. They started the other day on Feb 2. It’s terrible. I’ve started therapy because of how bad they are and my therapist wants to put me on medication for the panic attacks but I told her I think it’s my thyroid. I believe that my Levo might be too high b/c This round is more panic and anxiety rather than depression. Can anybody help me make sense of this? It’s just too coincidental in my opinion but my endo doesn’t think the anxiety/panic attacks are related. Anybody help?

TSH 53.39 normal range 0.4-4.5
T4 total 4.0 normal range 4.5-12
T3 total 54 normal range 76-181

October: I don’t have those results on hand but I do remember my TSH was high

TSH 1.36 normal range 0.4-4.5

TSH 3 normal range 0.4-4.5
(To me these seem like they were high and were coming down)
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