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Anyone Supplement with DHEA

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I do and have been for over 20 yrs. I'm new here today and don't see any activity on this forum.
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It's not the most active forum recently...but maybe it will pick up again.

I've never tried that one. But I do hear about it here and there related to Hashimotos and such. What's it supposed to help with?
I've supplemented with DHEA and really didn't notice any difference. What do you supplement it for?
To work on aging, as we age DHEA depletes and an integrative MD tested my levels over 20 yrs ago and they were LOW, I was 60 and now 83 soon. There is a lot of info on this declining hormone and Life Extension has done extensive work here.

Was hoping this could be a good source as I've joined one in the UK and it's not as good for me in the U.S. Thanks for the reply. I'd like to see this group active..... j m
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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