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Where do I begin. Back in 1978, I had surgery for an invasive Pituitary Adenoma. My life was in a whirlwind. At that time, we did not have
the Internet and I was at a loss for information. I underwent the surgery, and for the past thirty (30) years, I have been on Parlodel and having routine MRIs.
Recently, I moved to another state and requested my medical records sent to my new Endocrinologist. To my surprise, a letter dated June 2005, indicated that I had a 4mm Pituitary Adenoma. A RECURRANCE.. no one told be about this at that time.
I have been blissfully going on with life, not knowing about this new tumor!
About six months ago, I began having difficulty focusing and reading. I went to a new eye specialist, but he only confirmed that proper surgery had been done on a privious eye problem, Macular Pucker and a Cataract. He did tell me I had a small cataract forming on the other eye, but nothing to worry about at this time.
I continued to have visual issues to the extent that I have begun using a cane and a walker, to help stablize me.
I am going to my new endocrinologist tomorrow and discuss the most recent visual tests I underwent last week with a Neuro Opthamologist. My visual fields indicated a substansial problem on the right side (where I had the eye surgery). This problem did answer some of the questions as to why I have begun seeing only half of whatever I am focusing on at any given time.

My question to any Pituitary Patients... or those who have had previous adenomas... have you experienced recurrances?


Thank you for any insight
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Update: Spoke with my endocrinologist today. My tumor is still 5mm, has not grown since 2005.. great!
I do have an undisclosed visual issue that needs care; have an appointment on the 20th of Sept to discuss MRI with my neuro-opthamologist.
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