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I just had my annual labs done and my TSH is at .500

While I know that is still in normal range, it is the lowest it has ever been for me in almost 10 years and there is a trend of it decreasing continually over the last 4 years. It was 1.4 in 2018, 1.5 in 2019 and then under 1 in the last three years.

I have been on 100 mcg of synthroid for about 6 years after having been on 50mcg for the years after being diagnosed with hypothyroid in between my 2 kids being born 12-13 years ago. We went up to 100 in 2017 when I started having some symptoms and my TSH had jumped up to over 3 from 1.5.

In the last three years my blood pressure has also been erratic - high, but not high enough for me to get meds. Inconsistent from one check to another. Could these all be indicators that my dosage is too high now? I just turned 50. My doctor is not being super proactive and just keeps telling me my levels are normal and to have less salt, but something seems off and I'm wondering how to push to see if there is a correlation and/or if my medication dosage needs to change.
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