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FNA today ... now I wait

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Hi Everyone ... I just had my FNA. They took eight biopsies so hopefully I'll know something soon. I'm a tiny bit sore and have a headache but all in all okay. I'll keep you posted.

Last week I posted:

Hi Everyone. I'm new to the boards here. Not sure if this is where I should post or not.

I had an ultrasound and FNA six months ago. Everything was okay. Just had my six month follow up ultrasound and now have to go for another FNA next week.

I'm trying to understand my ultrasound results. I'll type the part that concerns me. Any insight to these would be appreciated. I'm a bit concerned with the new one as my gp seems to be as well. Thanks :)

Impression: New 2cm right isthmus nodule. Slight increase in the longest demension of the left isthmus nodule.

Right thyroid:

-Right isthmus 20 x 6 x 10 mm (NEW) well-defined margins, macrocalcifications, hypoechoic texture, oval in shape with increased vascularity.

Left thyroid:

-Left isthmus 19 x 6 x 12 mm (previously 14 x 6 x 12 mm) well-defined margines, hypoechoic texture, oval in shape with increased vascularity.
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Hang in there, waiting is always the hardest part. And don't be afraid to take something like advil for the neck discomfort.
It's nice to have the FNA behind you, but yes, waiting isn't easy. Try your best to keep yourself occupied with other things and minimize "dwelling" on the results (or lack thereof) for now. Since you've had this done before, you know the drill. :)

That's a fairly large nodule at 2 cm. Is it causing discomfort?
Get that ice bag going on your FNA sites. That will considerably lessen the pain. Glad that is over with and as you say, "Now we wait!"

Sending caring hugs,
Octavia, yes....the nodule(s) are causing discomfort. Always feels like something is in my throat and when I swallow always feels like it gets stuck in my throat.

I originally thought this was a side effect from my cervical fusion that I had last year. But apparently not.

Still a little tender from yesterday and more tender to swallow but I'm sure that will pass.

Thanks everyone for your replies and good wishes.
As an FYI... two ENTs at different hospitals discussed a partial thyroidectomy with me because of nodule size and discomfort prior to finding out (and regardless of) my FNA results, which turned out to be inconclusive. In other words, because of the discomfort and visibility of my nodule, I was looking at surgery either way. I do, however, wish my FNA result would have come back positive because then I would have known to get a total thyroidectomy instead of a partial. As it turned out, I didn't get that positive (for cancer) result until my final pathology came back from my partial thyroidectomy. That meant a second surgery to remove the rest of my thyroid a couple of weeks later. Kind of a hassle.
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