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I started taking Synthroid in 2012 and by 2017 was up to 137 µg per day where I remained for about a year.
My "symptom" emulates indigestion which I don't usually get, ever.

I can be on a water fast and still burp up acid when I am "symptomatic". The more out of balance the more vicious the indigestion. We are talking five alarm fire kind of indigestion. And this will start at 10 o'clock in the morning and go until 4 o'clock in the morning. All relative to how far out of "balance" I am. Antacids are meaningless.

Of course the doctor tell me that's not a real symptom, but I nail my TSH blood test in the 1.6 - 2.2 zone so she indulges me.
But I digress

So after being at 137 for about a year my thyroid started getting better and over a year and 1/2's time I went from 137 µg down to zero.

I stayed at zero for about 16 months when symptoms started to return.

At first 3 micrograms was sufficient.
Over the course of four months my dosage increased to 88 micrograms µg where I remained for six weeks until symptoms kicked in again.
only this time my thyroid was getting better and had to go down to 44 micrograms.
I knew to go down because I was having irregular heartbeat.

I remained at 44 micrograms symptom-free for about six weeks then symptoms kicked in again and over the course of two months I blitzed up to 153 µg

I only got to stay at this level for about two weeks when I began to sense irregular heartbeat again meaning were on our way back down again. Not even a month later I am at 68 µg and still heading down.

Just curious if anyone has experienced or heard of a thyroid that continues to get better and sicker and better.
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