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Hashimoto & Gluten

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Hello everyone,
Dec 2021, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

Roughly 2 years before that I had some digestion issues. I used to start feeling bloated a little after lunch and by the time I had dinner, I'm usually severely bloated and feel exhausted. Most of the days I go down to the floor and crouch to release gas and once I do that I feel like I'm back to normal. Some days, along with bloating, I also used to have a very uncomfortable feeling digesting something I ate (slight pain). It feels like I'm digesting stones. I ignored these symptoms as age related and genetics (my dad used to be very bloated as well). Since my hashimoto's diagnosis, I've seriously feeling that these are somehow related. I was asked to take levothyroxine by PCP and I did for a couple of months, but stopped taking it as I was not feeling any difference (lethargy). TSH was at 11.42.

I wanted to figure out what was causing this bloating and through process of elimination, I was able to figure out that this happens mostly when I eat tomatoes (mostly when eaten raw) and egg plants. I've read about nightshades and I feel that's a very compelling reason, however, I don't seem to have this reaction with potatoes or other nightshades. I also avoided gluten as that is what I read many recommended. Read a lot about "leaky gut" and it seems to be fitting with what I'm going through. Occasionally, I do eat gluten, but I've removed it from my diet for the most part. I'm also taking a PMG supplement. A year later I went for a test and found that my TSH levels have dropped to 9.60. It's a small drop, but nevertheless it gave me some hope.

I've more or less controlled the digestion issue now by eliminating tomatoes and eggplants, but the bloating persists. Now, I'm with a GI trying to figure out the reasons for the bloating. They did a test for celiac disease (gluten tolerance). It came negative. GI says that I'm okay to have gluten as that doesn't seem to be a problem. However, I'm not still sure. Is it still possible that even if the tests came negative, I may still be having gluten intolerance? I wanted to double-check to see if someone had gone through this path before. Any thoughts? Appreciate your time.

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Removing gluten helped a lot. And I DID NOT want to be gluten free. I’d definitely give a try and then test yourself by eating a good amount of it and wait for 3 or so days to see if anything gets worse. I can’t tell you how happy I was to find something that really helped mitigate symptoms along with the T3 I take. The T3 is definitely more effective without the gluten. But man, did I take a while to accept it. I loved to bake. Bread, especially. Removing gluten was depressing, but knowing what a huge difference it made, I know I need to keep it up. I’ve slipped a few time and, man, did I pay!

Oh! Forgot to mention I have non-Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. I was tested for Celiac’s. Both my gastroenterologist and my integrative medicine doc have told me I have non-celiacs gluten intolerance, also I’m super sensitive to certain FODMAPs in foods. Might want to check those out too.
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