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After your TT, levels will be different and so will your symptoms. You will have to start all over again as if day one with your levels. There will be some residue thyroid tissue left for you to deal with as far as levels and symptoms, hopefully won't be that much of a problem for you and thyroid growing back .

TSH comes from the driving force of thyroid or brain of all hormones -- from your pituitary, a little gland in your brain. Your T4 is produced by your thyroid gland, which is in your neck. They are two different things made by two different organs, connected to bring a balance to your metabolism.
Suppressed (0.03) TSH levels more frequently suffered from heart disease, abnormal heartbeat patterns and bone fractures compared to patients whose TSH levels are in the normal range (0.4-4.0).

T3 function is considered to be the regulator of the kidneys.

The main T4 function is to regulate the rhythm of the heart. A person can have a perfect heart yet have heart failure because T4 control is absent. If the thyroid stops functioning or has been surgically removed the adrenals have to act as the hearts backup.

Therefore it is important to keep all three in balance of each other and within Labs reference range to where you feel your best and not to where it is a danger to your being.
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