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HELP! Doctor says Thyroid level are within range, but I feel aweful!

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My TSH is very low (but within that wide range), my Free T3 is 2.4 and the lowest range on my blood work is 2.0. My Free T4 is 1.20 and the lowest range is .85. My mom has Hypothyroidism and, so does my daughter, so it runs in my family. I struggle to go to sleep then struggle to keep my eyes open day, my hair is thinning, I've gained weight despite a decent diet and moderate exercise. I'm always freezing, my skin is dry, and I just struggle with every day blueness, and the memory fog is unbearable. I've been put on and tried all antidepressants and that does not seem to fix the issue and leads me to believe it's because there is a bigger issue. i was also rescripted Adderall to combat my sleepiness although I do not have ADHD. The Adderall does not help me keep my eyes open either. My blood work also shows have very high off the chart's testosterone as well. I'm looking for a doctor in my area that treats a patient's symptoms and not just look at blood work. I need a real doctor that will listen. I live in the Sanford, Florida area if anyone has any recommendations, I would be super grateful. Thank you.
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