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Hello all,

I'm happy to have found this forum. :) I'll make my story as short as possible...

I was diagnosed with Grave's about a year after my first daughter was born. (14 years ago) The doctors thought it was pregnancy related. They had several suggestions, including radioactive iodine. Instead, I started on some natural supplements and within two years my bulging eyes were back to normal and all my numbers were within range. Then, about 4 years ago, I started to notice a lump on the right side and my thyroid getting bigger. It hasn't stopped growing since then and I now have a significant goiter on the right side of my thyroid that is very visible. Also, around that time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

I've had a few biopsies over the last few years and the doctors say it is fine, but they still recommend surgery. Since I don't believe removing a body part is the answer, unless absolutely necessary, I decided against the surgery. I have gone to a few functional medicine doctors to discover the root cause instead. I seem to be on the right path and then the money runs out before I see results.

I also believe God can do a miracle and have been praying over it daily. But even that challenges my faith because the results have not manifest.

I feel like my life has been put on hold because of this stupid goiter that makes me just want to stay at home. I am about ready to give in and have it removed as my insurance covers the surgery. My questions for you are...

Have any of you or someone you know successfully gotten rid of a goiter naturally? If so, what did you/they do?


Have you had a goiter removed and felt better? Did you feel it was the best thing to do or do you regret it? Any surgery advice would be welcomed.

I live in MN and am only a few hours away from Mayo Clinic or could go somewhere closer. Any advice on this is also welcomed.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Welcome to the board!

Do you have copies of your antibodies results with ranges you could post?

Have you ever had an ultrasound of your thyroid?

I have both hashi's and Graves, it's called hashitoxicosis. What symptoms are presenting?

I tried for 4.5 years to control Graves symptoms with Tapazole and finally gave up with a hyper flare on lab results. Total removal of thyroid surgically was a good option for me. RAI could cause your eye symptoms to get worse.
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