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Help with lab results

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Hi everyone,
I hope someone here can share their experience. I've read on other websites where fellow Hashimoto's people have reported that even with synthroid their lab test results are in 'normal' range they still feel various symptoms of awful. My labs have been up and down. I've been on and off of synthroid over the past year. In addition to chronic inflammation my thyroid (per two ultrasounds) has several nodules. I've had the biopsy and the nodules are not cancer.
Please look at my lab numbers here. Can results that are 'normal' be causing my symptoms. Or have any of you felt this way. Pale face, I look drawn and ten years older than I did last year. I've also developed a mild rash along the side of my nose. No infection, doctor thinks its just one of those things. But I have never had skin issues. No acne no rashes before. I have no tolerance for exercise, I'm not super active but even riding a stationary bike wears me out now. Low energy, yet not sleeping well either. All of my other lab tests are normal range including A1c, vit D, anemia panel, ect.
Normal range Labs Feb 8 Labs March 14
TSH 0.4-4.5 TSH 4.84 TSH 4.59
Free T 4 0.8-1.8 Free T4 1.0 Free T4 1.0
Free T 3 2.3-4.2 Free T3 not done Free T3 2.8
TPO antibodies <60 TPO 109 TPO not done

The doctor feels it is up to me if I want to try medication long term, that my results are 'sub-clinical' hypothyroidism. I would go on synthroid and try it for six months solid but it's my understanding that if I start taking thyroid medication what thyroid function I have will stop and I will be dependent on the medication permanently.
Also, I had digestion/gallbladder issues right before all of this started. I had to have gallbladder surgery. My digestion isn't as robust as it was but I am mostly back to eating 'normally' for me.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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