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Hello back in 2018 my endo said I have Graves disease. I lost insurance right after that and never returned. I recently got insurance back and had my PCP run labs for me before i can get back into my endo again my ultra sound shows 2 cist 3 mm on the right lobe and a 5 mm nodule ti-rads 3 on the left. i also have goiter. left lobr 5x3x2mm ns left is 4.7x1.7x1.6

my blood work is as follows
Vit D 29 L optimal >30
TSH 0.01 L (0.40-4.50)
Thyroglobulin Antibodies 2 H
t4 F 1.5 ( 0.8-1.8)
t3 Free 3.9 ( 2.3-4.2)
Thyroid Peroxidase 8 ( <9)

I have extreme anxiety , waking up choking, trouble swallowing food, hot at night, mood swings, great racing and palpitation cardiologist said SVT
I have my appointment on Monday 2/13/23 and i wanted to research before hand what i am looking at here?
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