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Hi all,

A few years ago (in 2014/early 2015) my doctor ran some tests that showed measurable TSI and positive Tg and TPO.
Thyroglobulin Ab: 83.9 IU/mL (<19.0) H (April 2014)
Thyroid peroxide ab: 781iu/ml (<5) H (September 2014)
TSI: 44% (<140) (August 2014)

TSH: 2.6 (.35-4.9) (March 2015)
Free T4 0.95 (.89-1.89) (March 2015)
T3, total: 96 (60-181) (March 2015)
Anti TPO AB: 1118 (<5) H (March 2015)

I've been having hyper and hypo symptoms on and off for 6-7 years now. I was mildly hyperthyroid in 2011 (lost 10 lbs) and briefly borderline hypo in 2013/2014 (little to no weight gain). My TSH, FT3 and FT4 kept fluctuating for the next year or two until my tests and symptoms improved in 2016. Since my thyroid was doing better I didn't think about it much until a few months ago when my symptoms got worse than ever.

I recently gained 10 lbs without making changes to my diet. I work out a lot so this is really strange. My TSH was checked a couple of months ago and it came back within the "normal" range (my doctor didn't check FT3 & FT4).
Sensitive TSH: slightly over 3 mIU/L (0.3-4 mIU/L)

Additional symptoms:
Heart PVCs - I've had heart PVCs since 2012 and they've recently gotten significantly worse.
My face looks different (more Hashimoto's-like)
Worse GI symptoms

Can your thyroid go into remission for a few years and then get worse than it was before when you were symptomatic?
Can anyone relate to this?
Does anyone else have Hashimoto's with detectible TSI? What does it mean?
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