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I have hypothroidism since the removal of half of my thyroid (the right one) in 2000 (when I was about to start high school). I have been on thyroid medications since around 2013. I am now on armor thyroid. Very interestingly, right after taking the covid vaccine (moderna in my case), I feel the need to reduce the dose of my thyroid medication. This happens for every single vaccine shot that I took.

Before my first shot, I was on 120 to 135mg armor thyroid daily. I was initially not aware of the effects on my thyroid and still maintained the same dose after the shot. I was not able to fall asleep and had frequent heart palpitations. After a few days, I somehow realized that it might be the thyroid and started reducing the dose to about 15mg. After a few weeks, the dose stabilized at around 30 to 45mg. Then after the second shot, I had to reduce the thyroid dose again to 15mg which lasted for a few weeks, and then back to about 30 to 45mg. After the third dose, yet again, I reduced it to 15mg for a few weeks and slowly ramped up to 75mg (after 10 months or so). Two days ago, after taking the 4th vaccine shot, I again dropped it to 15mg and I feel great. My energy, focus, and stamina. In fact, I feel so good that I can stop taking a lot of other medications as well, e.g., adrenal fatigue related supplements.

Does anyone know what is happening in my body? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Should I continue taking more covid vaccines in the future? I have a hypothesis that it is a good side effect where the vaccine wiped out something bad in my body, e.g., non-covid-related long-term infections, but have no evidence for that (I don't think I had Lyme or other infections based on past testing).
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