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Hello everybody,
I am new here, and perehaps you can give us some helpful hints.
Ma daughter (age 24) showed following Symptoms appearing in 2 weeks:
  • myxedeme in face
  • HIGH resting pulse (over 80 bpm) -> Hyopthyteodism shouuld be 50-60.
  • walking up stairs very stressfull
  • could not work on master-thesis
  • no change of body weight over the years
Visit doctor
  • TSH 5,44 mlU/l , TPO Antibody: 0,6 lU/ml (=low -> no Hashimoto)
  • Therapy : Thyroxin 50 myg
  • With Thyroxine: resting pulse 90 bpm
What is strange and contracicting:
  • High resting pulse (90) -> symptom of HYPERthyriodism and
  • Myxedeme/loss of efficience -> HYPOthyreodism

Has anyone seen such a contradiction?


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TSH is a bit high. I think it's always possible to have symptoms that seem to be contradictory, because either side of optimal can put up weird symptoms. No Hashimotos is interesting. Maybe worth seeing what is causing her hypothyroidism. Lack of Iodine is possible if on a really strict diet. Some other rare things can cause it.

One thing I will say is certain levels need to be good for T4 to work well. Iron tests (4 tests and Ferritin), B12, Vitamin D...all important factors.

But always possible to be other things. Any supplements she is taking? Sometimes those cause issues.
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