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Medication dosage

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I have had thyroid removed several years ago. I currently take synthroid 112 MCG ( one daily)
I am trying a new endro next month ( all women practice) and am going to ask them if they can add T3 to my above dosage of medication.

I have gained so much weight and have knee replacements that are not doing well becasue of excess weight gain. Honestly if I ate lettuce for 30 days and 30 nights I would not loose an ounce so there is a serious issue in my t4 not converting t3

If anyone has had this same issue can you please be so kind as to share any medications that have helped

Thanks in advance
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59 M, former athlete (cyclist/racer). I had Epstein Barr virus at age 33, which instantly caused Hashimoto's. I was started on Synthroid as my thyroid levels were crashing and found myself in the hospital a few times. Although I was "titrated" up in dose, it was pretty clear from the start that I needed a lot of Synthroid. It was not long before I was on a 175mg dose.

My weight went from a rock steady and muscular 182 to 230++ in 6 months, eventually reaching 260 or so. Despite efforts to increase racing and cut back on calories. Eventually, I found that one lean salad with fish or chicken and 1Tsp of dressing was my daily limit for food intake. Which led to constant low blood glucose episodes. Although I was able to get back down to 180 through week long fastings and occasional salad. It was impossible to live that way, with zero energy and blood glucose regularly crashing below 50.

I was unable to maintain 180 and currently sit at 235.
Eventually, I was unable to function on Synthroid and tried Armour. Which worked fairly well. Although even that failed over time, and I was having to take it multiple times per day, just to stay awake. I generally figured out that I was riding on the T3 to stay alive.

One jerk of an Endocrinologist wanted me back on Synthroid and insisted that was the only viable treatment. Of course, it failed fast and I ended up in shock twice, with multiple hospital visits. It was pretty clear to me that T3 was the only thing keeping me functional. (I have other problems and also have to take Prednisone)

The switch to "T3 only" was a flat out godsend. I can now take what I need, which is about 12mcg, 6x per day. And the dose does vary depending on ambient temperature (less when it is really hot out) and my workout levels. I'm not healed, healthy or in great shape. But I am functional enough to keep working and retain my pilot's license.
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