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Anyone here doing the Metabollic Blueprint?

I have in front of me a "Nutritional Plan for Optimum Thyroid Function" from Western Botanical Medicine which is adopted from Dr. Ray Peat PHD Physiologist, endocrinologist, research biochemist with over 40 years experience in nutritional counseling.

This plan is similar - but NOT exactly paleo -- as this plan clearly has milk in it (preferably raw, but if not raw at least organic), milk, cheese, eggs (no yogurt - it says that yogurt has lactic acid and lactic acid suppresses liver function - and we need good liver function to clear the thyroid suppressive hormones... Says never drink non-fat milk. Here's the gist of this apparently similar & adopted diet:
It goes for liver, butter, coconut oil and salt, shellfish, oysters, muscles, clams & prawns, beef, lamb, wild meat - elk, buffalo, venison etc., (grass fed) and broth rich in gelatin (bone broths) to keep balance of amino acids - shank meat, oxtail, knuckle bones are rich sources of gelatin, taking in 1-3 cups of broth daily. Fruit - very ripe & easily digestible, tangerines, oranges, clementines, NO GRAPEFRUIT (they are thyroid suppressors) -- as far as apples and bananas and pear s -- only well cooked. (It also lists some other fruit/melons.

ORANGE JUICE -- is especially good for thyroid health... suggesting -- 1-2 quarts (yes quarts -) daily. Says be sure and only drink it pulp free -- because it says that current pulp is being genetically modified to stay suspended in the juice and avoid all "enriched" OJ as the calcium & D they use are apparently toxic. (OF COURSE OUR OWN JUICED ORANGES ARE BEST & WE CAN HAVE THE PULP.) :) 1-2 quarts a day of milk :), coffee & tea only with/after meals.

It says -- not too much water -- only when thirsty, as too much water can dilute mineral balance & upset thyroid/adrenal balance.

Raw honey is 1st best, sugar is 2nd. Gats -- coconut oil 2-3x per day - only expeller pressed non-certified organic, butter, and very little olive oil (it contains 10% pufas) it says.

Beneficial fiber: Raw carrot salad & bamboo shoots... Good for fungicidal activity, eat 1-2 large carrots daily and 1 can bamboo shoots daily.

Veggies -- well cooked. all beans/peas are thyroid suppresors. Then it goes on to cooked root veggies - only occasionally, only with butter or coconut oil ot aid digestion, brassica veggies - well cooked only and only occasionally, rich mineral broth (green broth for minerals) boil 1 pound green leaves, kale collards or other - fresh dried nettles are best as they are not thyroid suppressive like the kale and collards are) boil w/just enough water to cover - 20 - 30 minutes. Strain, throw out the leaves - do not eat the leaves. Drink 1-2 oz. (notice only drink a small amount.)

cook in enamel or glassware, or magnetic type of stainless steel to avoid leaching of heavy metals from such cookware such as cast iron, non-magnetic stainless steel (leaches nickel) or aluminum -- . Then there's a whole list of foods to avoid.

Eating like this for two days -- I have had some excellent sleep -- I mean -- like WOW. Day two... I felt good :) Day three -- I feel good!!

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The what TO eat sounds pretty easy, a few things I should add. I need to research more of the DO NOT eats like the yogurt, low fat milk & cooked greens.
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