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military concerns+slight cosmetic issue

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Hi. I'm new to these forums. I was diagnosed with thyroid's disease a few months ago at age 19. I am now 20. I've taken Levothyroxin for a few months and my thyroid levels are stable.

My only real issue concerning my being is.....oddly enough, my face. I feel very lucky to not have too much other side effects besides lack of energy (that went away when I started taking meds). My face is puffy and frankly my face structure has changed a bit over time. Will this go away with time now that I am diagnosed and at adeqate TSH levels? I have not gained any weight, so I know that's not the case. Has anyone else experienced this?

Anyways, I feel perfectly fine now. I used to have energy trouble before diagnosis. I am healthy and fit (I can run 1 1/2 miles in 8-9 minutes), and do everything that I will need to do given my stay in the military. But, I am not accustomed to how military or how specifically MEPS runs things. It's frustrating to know that I may be turned back because of my condition and even more frustrating to sit back even though I feel I am capable of handling anything they throw at me. I have a fear that they'll take one look at my medical records and send me back.

Now, with this, I kind of don't expect anyone to answer my second question. If someone can answer this, it'll take a load off my mind, but please anyone with military experience, if you're out there, can I have your 2 cents? Do you think the air force will take me? If not then I know the army might, but that's my second choice....

Sorry, I condensed this into one big post. I don't exactly feel the need to flood the forums.
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And yes, I know. I was just diagnosed with this condition and joining the military seems daft considering that I may face bad things with this condition and it's a condition that I may not get treatment with besides regular medication. For the time being, I am fine. I'm diagnosed young, but I'm young, healthy, and diagnosed.

I am sorry to hear many things people have to face with this condition and I'm probably going to have to face that as I get older as well. I'm sorry if anyone takes offense to anything I've said. I know it's a serious condition.
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