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My Own Panic Attack War

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I Had My Thyroid Removed For Ca Feb. 07.
I Became Hypothyroid With A Tsh Of 176. It Felt Like My Brain Was Being Fried. My Endo. Said This Was Because Of My Tsh Levels.
I Had Diff. Returnig To Work. Would Feel Overwelmed.
I Needed To Go To The Er. Found Out I Was Hyperventilating.
I Had Numbness To The Face And Hands, Chest Pain, Blurred Vision.
I Went To A Counselor Today For My Panic Attacks. She Said
I Should Practice Deep Breathing, Visulazation And Reduce Work Load. I Hope All This Gets Better. Slowly But Surely I Think It Will.
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I have just learned to live with them. When it gets real bad a few beers helps me alot:D
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