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Need help don’t know what’s going on

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Hi everyone this is my first post and was wanting to reach out to see if anyone can help me.
In April 2021 I embarked on a weight loss lifestyle change; I’d been overweight all my life. From April 2021 (40 yes old) to now I’ve lost 8 stone and am now a healthy weight and BMI. But this seems to have come at a cost. I followed a relatively healthy eating regime to lose the weight but did not have treats, cheat meals or any alcohol during my regime. It was also relatively low carb.

I Now have the following symptoms:

1. Constantly cold all the time. Finger tips turn white then blue and when warming up back to normal

2. terrible sleep. Waking up constantly during the night and just feel exhausted

3. constipated

4. no periods since January 2022

5. Dryness

the most recent symptom I have have developed in the past month and is causing me concern. It almost feels like a hypoglycaemic thing. About an hour after eating I get shaky. Like full on sugar shakey to the point where I need to cram food in to subside it. I’m not talking once in a blue moon I’m talking like this happens every other day. Then I feel awful because I feel like I e eaten so much in a short window but in that moment my body needed it. I don’t have an eating disorder but this sugar shake situation makes me feel like I’ve lost control of something or my body is trying to tell me something. I don’t know why I would feel shaky after eating but that’s what seems to trigger it. It’s a real problem so me cause I feel that having controlled my diet to lose weight I’m out of control for 20 mins to try and control the shakes. Things I tend to reach for during these episodes are bananas, biscuits, rice cakes, basically something that I can just grab and shove in.

I’ve had a series of blood test taken at my gp in the past two months.

1. First set showed liver abnormalities
2. Second set showed low testosterone
3. Third set showed low estrogen

it has been confirmed I’m not peri menopausal but I have another blood test appointment this month along with an ultrasound at the hospital where they are looking at the abdominal and pelvic area.

my new bloods tests this month are looking for free t3 and free t4 and also LH &FSH. They also mention IGF-1 and they mention secondary amenorrhoea on the papers.

whilst I may have a hormone imbalance it’s the sugar shakes and hypo stuff recently that I’m worried about. Could this be diabetes related even though I’ve lost weight to be healthier? I’m not diabetic to my knowledge but I’m just so confused with what’s going on with my body.

anybody got any symptoms like this or can share their experiences?
Grateful for all responses.
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