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New member from Greece

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Hello all! I am very happy to be here with you!

My name is Jim, i come from Athens, Greece and i am male, 36 years old.

I was diagnosed with hashimoto hypothyroidism after some blood check test on January 2022.
My endo also made an ultrasound scan to my thyroid which verified blood these results.

My TSH started from 6 (subclinical hypothyroid) so i had to insert levothyroxine 50μg drug on my daily routine which has the trade name "T4" in my country.

Since then i made two more check ups (March and June) and TSH continue to stay steady as my endo increased the dose each time as the value of stimulating hormone was 5-5.5 every time....

On my last check on September my TSH was 7.5!!!! So my endo increased the dose for another time and now i am on 125 μg levothyroxine.

Also my testosterone was a bit down level but in normal range. My doctor said that it doesnt need to take testo treatment in this point as its still normal...
FSH and LH were elevated but normal range both.
Prolactin elevated out of range , i think it was 40 and the range is 5-20.

My main symptom all this year i would say is fatigue but this time also i experience decreased libido and as a man i have to say .... erectile dysfuntion... some days during month.

My endo said that this couldnt happen on a subclinical patient who takes levo, but i have read many articles on the web who report that sexual problems can happen during thyroid disease and as long as TSH normalize...

Also i decided to visit an urologist who also told me that thyroid is really important on sexual life even on subclinical side....

I dont smoke, i eat healthy and also i like excercise during the week.

I would like to know your opinion....
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Try to get your TSH below 2.5. You should wait 1 hour after taking the medication with water before eating anything or drinking something other than water. There are other potential things that can block absorption of Levo. You should get checked for Celiac just in case also. Get your Vitamin D levels checked. Very common to be deficient for Hashi patients.
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