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Welcome! I had large nodules and a cyst discovered last summer and had a total thyroidectomy within three months. As challenging as my post surgery hormone balance work has been, I can't say I've felt worse than I did before surgery. I didn't realize what I had learned to live with until the symptoms started to go away.

Give yourself time to heal. It took me two weeks before I was functioning but the post-op effects of anesthesia were pretty profound for me and I didn't truly feel better until five weeks later. I hate drugs and was able to recover on Advil. My throat hurt more from the breathing tube than anything else, and they gave me throat spray for that.

I could drive and turn my head better at just about two weeks. I actually pulled a stitch trying to turn my head driving too early (five days after surgery) that has made my scar look worse on one side.

Friends and family who brought me food to live on during that time are my heros to this day. I could rest and continue to eat well (and food cooked much better than anything I could make, lol). If you can put some meals together in advance it helps.

Good luck!
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