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Advice pre op - expect to take it completely easy for at least 2-3 days. Sleep as much as you need. Have Tylenol on hand for when you come off the narcotic pain medications. Keep a cool pack on your incision to help with swelling ( and it feels so good too).

Everybody handles the anesthesia differently - you will likely have more issue with that them the thyroid removal. I always ask for a small breathing tube as after a D&C surgery I could not understand why my throat killed me so much. It was from the breathing tube and I have noticed alot of comments on this board about sore throat due to breathing tube,

Stay ahead of the pain for the first 36 hours - if they offer pain med's take them. You will likely be in patient but stay overnight in a room by yourself. Be sure to pack a toothbrush and anything else you may need for an overnight stay.

When will they be starting you on hormone replacement? Most doctors start replacement dose at 100mcg which is the proper dose for a 129 lb individual. If you weigh more than that you should ask for a higher dose. Manufacturer recommended dose is 1.7mcg per kilogram of weight.
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