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Newbie and having trouble with meds! Need advice please!

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Ok I will try to make this as short as possible. I have been having hypothyroid symptoms for the last couple of years. My labs have been as follows over the last couple years:

9/19/14 Free T3 2.7 (2.5 -3.9) , Free T4 0.85 (0.71-1.31) TSH 0.735 (0.300-3.620)

11/28/13 Free T3 2.8 , Free T4 0.85 , TSH 1.330

2/15/12 Free T3 Not done , Free T4 1.06 , TSH 3.820

*All of these have the same normal ranges,so I just posted the normal ranges on most recent values.

My latest lab work was done by my new physician which has proven to be more helpful than previous physicians. He also did Tgab and TPO which were normal. (My sister has Hashimotos and had thyroid cancer so he wanted to rule out autoimmune) Other labs he ordered were iodine level which was 39.2 (40.0 -92.0), vitamin D was 30 (30 - 80) and a Ferritin was 48 (10 - 139).

Ok now that I have given my background, here is my dilemma. My new physician thinks I did need thyroid medicine and started me on WP Thyroid 65mg a day. Yay! Finally I am going to get relief from all of this fatigue,hairloss,anxiety etc! WRONG! I only started on half of the pill, because I am an "anxious" person. I was fine first few days, except for stomach issues,but now soon after I take it, my chest feels tight and I have random palpitations. Thought it might be anxiety, so I have skipped days and the tightness goes away. I am so bummed because I thought that I finally had my answer for my "life altering fatigue"! Anyone else had this problem and should I just tough it out and it will get better? Also, I am having bad leg cramps in my calves! Just need advice if anyone has any! Thanks in advance!
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Could you post the results of the TPO Ab and Thyroglobulin Ab with the ranges?

And have you had an ultra-sound which would be very very important at this point?

There is a reason you cannot tolerate the med although 65 mg. is a high starting dose. That could be an issue as well but you say you are only taking 1/2 that?

And WP stands for?

Welcome to the board!
Welcome - I agree with everything Andros said and.....

Has your doctor started your Vit D supplement? Should be a prescription of 50K IU weekly for 12 weeks or longer, then daily supplementation of anywhere btw 2KIU and 5KIU. You will need follow up testing until you stabilize around 60-70.

Ferritin - iron supplements need to be taken - also, when in your cycle was this lab drawn? I for one, would get my ferritin levels up, have a period and be right back at the bottom. Your ferritin levels need to be at the top of range. Iron supplements can disagree with your stomach - try Floridix which is liquid and gentler on your system.

Thyroid replacement- I Googled it and WP is Westhyroid and 65mg is 1 grain or 38mcg T-4 and 9mcg of T-3. Your levels are very low so it may just be your body adjusting to the medication. You are definitely hypo and in need of some replacement medication. T-3 medication can pack a punch and since you have a pill that looks like it can be split, why not call your doctors office and tell them you are splitting it and spreading it out over the day. My suggestion would be to start as low as 1/4 a pill upon waking and another 1/4 a pill 6 hours or more later and stick to the 1/2 pill daily until you can tolerate then add another 1/4 a pill until you can tolerate the full dose. Or you could call your doctor and ask to reduce the dosage. I for one split pills containing T-3 medication throughout the day because I "feel it" as you are feeling it.

It may be better to address each one of your deficiencies alone and then address the next one to know what medication is causing any issues you may be having and right now it looks like your thyroid medication.
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Sorry, I really didn't give enough information. I was trying not to make my post too long. I am 48 yrs old and have been postmenopausal
for 5 yrs. I am also on bioidentical hormones too which they are having trouble adjusting. I just feel like that I have trouble with
everything they give me and hate to keep complaining, but I feel so awful!! I am thinking my adrenals may be involved too! My mother passed away 2 yrs ago after an 11 yr battle with early onset Alzheimers! I was very involved in her care and have had a very difficult time losing her! I was completely run down after her death and that's when everything got worse!

My Tgab was <0.9 (0.0-4.0) and TPO was 0.9 (0.0-9.0). Thanks for all of the good advice! I really feel that I need to address Vitamin deficiencies! I am trying to start eating better as I feel that this is a HUGE part of my problem! 11 years of just grabbing something convenient has taken it's toll! I have never been an overweight person,but I am starting to see a trend upwards very quickly :( thanks again for helping me! Sometimes it helps more to hear from people who are actually going through the same things!
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Oh and by the way, my physian didn't think my Vitamin D needed addressing! He is all in to the thyroid, but didn't say anything about ferritin or vitamin D! Funny most people have trouble getting the thyroid meds! In the last 2 yrs, I have been to 3 physicians,and they all have such varying opinions that it really scares me!
He may not have said anything yet because curiously, this is quite common in thyroid patients. As a matter of fact, I consider low ferritin and low vitamin D to be a hint for autoimmune; especially thyroid.
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