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I went to the Dr. at the beginning of June because I was tired all the time, joints hurt, ect... I had cancer back in 2014. I am 50 years old. She told me what I expected after labs. I am in Menopause. I can't take estrogen due to my prior cancer and I wanted to know if I could take Proactive to help. ( answer was yes ) She had also ran a Thyroid screen and I got a call about a week later that my TSH was off and she wanted a Thyroid uptake scan. After my insurance fought a bit they finally gave in. I got that done last Thursday and I got my results today. I have Graves disease. I had to go in for another blood draw this morning and I picked up copies of my lab results. I am totally not understanding the results and hoping you can help. I do go back to my Dr. on Wednesday the 14th but I would just like to know where I stand now with my levels. This is what my report says I am out of range on:
MCH (low) 26.1 Pg Normal is 26.6-33
Creatinine (low) 0.51 mg/dl normal is 0.57-1.00
Albumin (low) 3. g/dl Normal is 3.8-4.8
Alkaline phosphatese (high) 140 iu/l normal is 48-121
TSH (low) <0.005 uiu/ml Normal is 0.450 - 4.500
T4, Free direct (high) 2.28 ng/dl normal is 0.8- 1.77
T3 Free (high) 7.4 pg/ml normal is 2.0 -4.4
Thyroid Perozidase (TPO) (high) 225 iu/ml Normal is 0- 34
Thyroglobulin Antibody (high) 218 iu/ml Normal is 0.0 - 0.9

Nurse who told me said I am Hyperthyriod. I have NOT lost weight but I have gained 15 pounds in about 3-4 just crept up like a pound or two at a time and I couldn't stop it... hence I thought menopause... I am tired, my joints ache, cranky, brain fog/ forgetful, so far my hair is okay but it is starting to dry out no matter what I do to condition it.

Help if you can please
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