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Hi, my name is Maria, from NJ, I am new here, and here's my story....

I am in my upper 40's and four years ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Believe it or not I did not know at the time that Graves Disease was its own disease, different from hyperactive thyroid disease. So its bad enough I have the hyperactive thyroid but when I get rid of my thyroid (and thus become HPYO) I will still have Graves Disease (yay.... jk :0( Anywho I started on thyroid meds four or so years ago and it seemed to be helping a real lot, making me euthyroid. I was so close to being cured (at least I thought) and then the med starting destroying part of my WBC. I was taken off of it instantly. So unfortunately my hyperactive disease came back to me and we've been watching it for almost a year now. Taking bloods every month or so. I am at the point I must decide between RAI (radiation iodine) or thyroidectomy. I have done plenty of research on both and know what my risks are with both, though I have heard horror stores with RAI mainly concerning eye disease, which I currently do NOT have. Does anyone have any thoughts on either procedure or have anything to share about either of them? (I realize both choices stink!)

I apologize for the double post but this was my intro as a Newbie, so I may post this question again in a different forum to reach more people (not sure how this group works).

Thanks, Maria
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