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Been on synthroid for 40 years....tired of feeling like crap. Endo trying me on NP. It taste sooo cat pee smells. Do ALL naturals taste like that? Any opinions as yah or nay for using this. Does Armour work better? I only have an eighth of my thyroid due to surgery 40 yrs ago for I have a 3 cm nodule that the biopsy says is Hashimoto's Thyroiditis..... Is it a good idea to use a REAL thyroid replacement with an autoimmune issue....would it more likely to attack more since it's real? Does that make sence?
Thank you for all replys.
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I've had Hashimoto's nearly forever now. I've discovered early on that I don't convert T4 to T3 well. Leading to all sorts of fatigue and health problems. My doc put me on Armour many years ago and it worked great. When Armour was pulled from the market, I switched to ERFA from Canada, which was very much like the old Armour. Until one day, the ERFA pill stopped working and I ended up with severe problems.

One doc tried to put me back on Synthroid T4 and I failed fast.

I moved to NP thyroid and Westhroid attempting to mimic the old Armour. Over time I developed additional health issues like exercise intolerance and coma like fatigue. I was unable to function, despite taking more and more meds. I had to take NP thyroid pills multiple times per day, or crash and fall asleep at work.

Fast forward to just over a year ago, I figured out that I need T3. As I was having to dose myself multiple times per day just to function. The fast acting T3 was the only thing keeping me alive.

I now take only T3, multiple times per day.

Something to keep in mind, T4 may convert to T3 better if you exercise.
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Wow.....sorry for your type of issues. Armour is available now...has it changed?
Wow.....sorry for your type of issues. Armour is available now...has it changed?
I've tried the modern version of Armour. It is not the same as it was 25 years ago. And I'd have to take it 5x per day anyway, as I cannot function without T3. Remember, T3 has a very short half life, and in my case, I can't seem to make it past about 6 hours without needing more.
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