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Order your own labs, get the results yourself, choose your own specialist

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Hi my name is Mindy and I have been suffering with symptoms for years. They told me I was depressed, bipolar, suffered from anxiety, and peri menopause. I spent the last few years sleeping all day. I gain weight as if I eat fast food 10 times a day. I literally walk from room to room wondering WTF I walked in for and remembering hours later. I drove through a red light the other day and felt like the fog lifted long enough to feel panicked that I didn't really know I had done it.

It seems like I have new symptoms every week. My brain keeps getting foggier, my moods crazier and crying all the time and at the drop of a hat! My newest symptoms were the last straw. All of a sudden my joints, including feet, knees, wrists, fingers, etc have gotten so swollen and painful and look almost disfigured. I'm so week and sore that I can't do much and have lost so much range of motion in most areas. Also, the scariest of the symptoms, chest and back pain and horrible jaw pain.

Now I hate to get in bed at night because of what I call jumpy legs. They won't let me sleep and when I do fall asleep I end up jumping up and out of bed to stretch my legs and feet. It feels like a physical anxiety attack in my legs and feet. I can't take it anymore and am taking lorazepam, trazedone, ibuprofen and GABA just to sleep.

After researching my symptoms, it sounded like I am hypothyroid, even though I've been told by several doctors that I wasn't. About a month ago a friend told me about Private MD Labs ( and I decided to check it out. It is a website that allows you to order your own medical tests. They are cheaper and you are in charge of what you order. I went to several hypothyroid websites and found out which tests were recommended and ordered them. I then found an endocrinologist that came highly recommended and brought my results to him. He agreed that I am hypothyroid but wanted to order 1 more test (antibodies) to confirm that his diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is correct. He also did an ultrasound on my neck to look at my thyroid and, after seeing it, feels certain that it is Hashimoto's. He put me on Synthroid immediately and it's now been a week. I can't wait until it starts working.

I will keep you posted but I really wanted you to know that you can be in charge of your own medical care. I plan on using Private MD Labs for all of my future lab work and taking charge of my own health because I really want to join the world and live again. Wish me luck��

If anybody is having these same experience I would love it if you would let me know so I don't feel so alone and crazy. Thanks��
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It is GREAT that you are finally getting help. Also thank you for posting that site!!! That is amazing because I really needed that!
Your new endo sounds great.

Yes, there are a few options available for ordering your own lab tests, and the one you shared is one of them. Several members here have ordered their own labs either to save money, or to get answers like you did.

Do keep us posted!
Wow Mindy.

Well done on advocating for yourself. I hope you get some relief soon.
Jumpy legs is a sign of low ferritin - be sure to order that test. I had RLS bad and once my iron got up it went away - completely. Hang in there!
Lovlkn...I never knew that! Thank you for sharing. I am going to ask my doc to test my ferritin now, as I've had "jumpy legs" for years, especially at bedtime. Hard to sleep when your legs want to go out and run a marathon.
I totally agree with Lovlkn. Low Ferritin does cause RLS (restless leg syndrome). Also mega doses of Magnesium Citrate. Quinine is prescription form or in tonic water can also help. The pain and swelling in hypo land is miserable. None of these are quick cures so hang in there it does get better.

After over a year of paying for my labs I found out that if you call the lab after you get the bill and tell them you are a cash payer with no insurance they discount the charge by 40 to 60% with out qualifying based on income
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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