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My journey has been long. It started when I had my youngest son 15 years ago. I would go from feeling and acting normal to not being able to wake up or move. I would go to the doctors and all my test would come back normal. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and given pills to take. They never worked, never. Tried to tell the doctor I wasn't feeling depressed but they never listened. I have gone from PCP to PCP, had 6 surgeries because my body parts were failing me (gallbladder, appendix, tonsils, cervix uterus, carpal tunnel). I finally gave up and settled for one my family recommended. She was nice enough but she retired last year, at first I was upset because I have come to respect her and I was placed with some doctor I never met, when they called they said I couldn't get a appointment with him for at least 4 months just to meet him. I started to have lower leg edema with pitting saw a NP of the same practice and she sent me for a ultra sounds of the legs, they found venous insufficiency in both legs and I was referred to a vascular surgeon who said my symptoms were from more then just leaky veins in my legs. She called my doctors office next thing I knew I was in with my new PCP the next day. He doesn't rush me out but actually reads my prior history and asks me questions. Tests ordered from head to toe. My echo showed I have the start of pulmonary hypertension. My weight has gone from 180 in June of 2021 - 250 Dec 2021 - my weight has always done this not as rapid. He ordered labs my TSH is 12.6, T4 0.96 has me repeat 6 weeks later and they were at 11.4, T4 1.10. I am diagnosed right now with subclinical hypothyroidism, I was started on 75mg Levothyroxine the other day. I am having further testing. My PCP was not pleased with how dismissive doctors have been and feels all of my issues are from undiagnosed hypothyroidism likely hashimoto's. My questions is how long before I feel better?

My symptoms
Severe Fatigue
Lower Leg Swelling
Cold all the time, even is summer
Rapid Weight Gain
Dry Skin
Unexplained Rashes
Brittle hair
Back, Hip, Ankle Pain this is fairly new the last few months

I started the 75mg on Tuesday still have the list of issues, I know its early in the treatment but I want to get to my optimal dose, soon so that I can feel better.
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