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starting new treatment

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hi all, we are moving over from newbie to here to report on our treatment plan and ask a few questions. my daughter had her first appointment with our naturopath and we have a treatment plan. he re- ran her tests and started her on 30 mg or armour and adrenal supplements although her saliva adrenal test came out normal.

we found a few changes in her numbers. her THS has gone down from last summer from 4.36 to 1.69 and her reverses t3 is also lower. it went from 375 to 302. her ft4 is 1.21 and ft3 is 3.3.

however, her cholesterol is high @ 210 and HDL 64 and LDL 132. her B12 is good. everything else is is looking pretty middle of the road. we didn't retest those antibodies. we are going on those previous numbers since it was only a couple of months ago but she does have them...some. (MBH is 5.2, neutrophilis 62., lymphocytes 28.5, lymphocytes abs, 1.5. i don't know much about these last few...i don't know what they pertain to but i will look into it)

so we giving her adrenal support supplements 3 times a day and 30 mg of armour to start. she has been on them for about 7 days and is more exhausted then ever. we are assuming that the 30 mg is the lowest dose and may not do much. In a week he is putting her on a detox fast with lots of nutrients for 11 days which he hopes will get her metabolism kicking into gear. I am reading three books about thyroid treatment and i think that starting out with 30mg is reasonable but i'm wondering where we might go from here. i've heard so many different opinions about armour these days although he says that he has not had any problems with this one. We plan to meet with him after her fast to reassess which will have her on this dose for about four weeks. my guess is she will need more armour to feel better although with her numbers are improved for some reason and she no longer looks that much out of the normal range. I'm wondering if the adrenal support is making her feel worse or if a low does of armour could actually be making her more tired.
any thoughts or opinions would be welcomed. thank you!
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Is she on iron? Her ferritin is near the bottom of the range and may be causing her to feel tired.

Iron should be spaced 4 hours from thyroid meds so it won't interfere with absorption. Some people report feeling unwell at that level. Let the doc know if you decide to put her back on it.

1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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