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This video is from a few functional/alternative medicine type folks. Paul Robinson is one of the more experienced people when it comes to using T3. Honestly, there are not many folks who are very experienced in the use of T3...which is why I've always been a bit hesitant to take it myself. Although recently I seem to be doing better...however, I do think I would benefit from taking some. We'll see.

One thing I found very interesting in this conversation (and I have been advocating for over a year) was Paul stating he feels there should be different lab ranges for the type of medication you are on. So if you are on T4 only, you would have a set of ranges. If you are on T4 and T3 you would have a different set. And if you are on T3 only (which is very different), you would have a different set. I have seen this time and time again in facebook groups and it trips people up a lot. Someone will say they are on T4 only, and someone tells them they need to be top of the T3 range. I would say, that's not likely. Also, we should realize where someone feels good in the range (FT4 and FT3) and even TSH can be individualized. However, it's usually a much more narrow range than the labs. My opinion for people on T4 only is TSH .3-2, FT4 mid to 3/4 FT3 mid to 3/4. For people on T4 and T3, usually a lower TSH and sometimes suppressed. But I would still probably say FT4 and FT3 mid to 3/4. But it also should be personalized based on symptoms. I have no clue on T3 only but I would say they probably have FT4 non existent and suppressed TSH. Either way, try to find a good doctor that is familiar with using T3.

I have also heard in the past (even my endo) that lowering T4 meds when adding T3 is usually needed. However, most endos don't believe in going above 10 mcg of T3. That could be a problem for some people who may need a bit more than that. And usually the T3 would be taken twice a day split. So if you are on 10, you'd take one 5 in the morning and another 5 in the afternoon.

I personally think T3 only should be an absolute last resort and probably only needed for a very small amount of people. And quite frankly you'd need someone like Paul Robinson to help you with dosing it.

See the video here:
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