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Hello, this is my first post here. I was born in 1999, have had some symptoms since childhood which doctors could not explain and solve (not related to thyroid). Had been chronically visiting doctors since then. So the first time I had a thyroid ultrasound was in maybe 2014 and there were no problems with it. The second time, in another attempt to explain my problems it was done again 2017 and some tumor(s) were found and a doctor told me the whole thyroid had to be removed. By this point I believe I had thyroid blood tests multiple times and there were no problems and tumor was most likely asymptomatic. Diagnosis was "papillar carcinoma" if I remember correctly, although nobody ever told me it was "cancer", I guess bc of psychological effect of that word. Doctors were not speaking to me directly, they were speaking to my parents. I asked one of the doctors (supposedly the most qualified one) if it is possible to remove the tumor only without removing the organ itself and he and his assistant acted like I was an idiot basically... Later after thyroid was fully removed the other doctor admitted it was possible to remove only a part of it... What a joke. I was told I would have to take medicine for the rest of my life. It was a huge psychological trauma to me as I had become against meds in general due to my experiences with them and views (my later life confirmed those views even more when I got my severe drug damages, actually related to things I am talking about now, maybe more on this later). A huge mistake I have been making since then was to not do any medical research on my own and not go on forums like this up until the point where I got such damages that forums cannot help anymore. "Doctors know best" was the most naive and dangerous bullshit I ever believed. One thing I did not know back then was that there are actually two thyroid hormones (I actually remember now that I saw both of them on a list of possible blood tests but... idk my reasoning, probably that bs of trusting doctors prevented me from having any thoughts at all). So this post is becoming much longer than I expected, even through I am omitting some things to avoid distraction. Anyway. I had full thyroid removal surgery, then after maybe a month iodine therapy, and after another like 10 days I took a T4 tablet for the first time and had a bad reaction to it. Now I think maybe that was nocebo or being nervous or smth. But doctor told me it is a real reaction to lactose in the tablet and recommended to use Tirosint capsules. So in total it took me maybe 2 months to start properly taking this hormone. I was taking T4 hormone I believe 100mcg per day where optimal dose would be maybe close to 150mcg. I was not having any problems when I started taking this (which was the point of the lowest t4 concentration I guess). But after maybe 20 days of taking t4 I started having serious problems treatments for which were a big chain of iatrogenic harms which largely destroyed my life. I will not go into details right now, to avoid distractons. But I am convinced that those problems were caused by lack of t3 which I had never taken by that point (I am now taking tablets of it and I dont remember when I started it, it was prescribed by the same doctor who failed to do it when it was needed).

So my questions now:

1. Do you think my treatment (surgery-wise) was a correct choice?

2. Was I actually having adverse reaction to t4 tablet or that was just nocebo? I am taking t3 in tablets now.

3. Is it appropriate to prescribe t4 hormone ONLY to a patient without a thyroid? Does anyone have experience taking t4 (without t3) once thyroid is removed? What was it like?

Feel free to ask questions but I will disclose some of the details after I get some answers. Preferably support your answers with scientific articles or guidelines. Thanks.
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