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I'm 58, male and for 25 years profoundly hypothyroid, I might as well have had it removed as the scar tissue that remains of my thyroid is 100% incapable of producing any hormones. It's been one hell of a struggle. Doctors suck, and my endocrinologists have largely been useless. Including and especially the ones at the highly regarded Cleveland Clinic.

In the end, I, an aircraft mechanic, with the help of "Google University" (my goofy way of saying Google searches) solved the problems myself. I then found a Concierge doctor, w/ associated specialists that would prescribe what I found to work.

Synthroid T4 does not work for me, it keeps me alive, but I have trouble at any dose, with low blood sugar, exercise intolerance, fatigue and rapid weight gain. Despite lab results in the normal range.

NDT (Armour, NP, Westhroid, Erfa etc) (I've tried them all) do work differently and for a time measured in months, I do OK on them. But the T3 they contain gets consumed quickly and I crash with fatigue. I can't take them ONCE per day. I must take them 3 or 4 times per day. This led to my "discovery" that I simply needed T3 to be high all day.

T3-only treatment (Cytomel) taken 6x per day, has been a flat out miracle. I'm not cured, I'm not normal on this treatment, as it is a bit of a roller-coaster ride as T3 has a very short "half-life" and absorption is often different day by day, but I am functional, mentally sharp and I've gotten my life back. Plus, I can adjust the dose by my symptoms. If I'm sweating too much, I take a bit less, If I'm unusually tired at noon or cold in mid summer, I take a bit more. The end result is that I can manage my symptoms easily and quickly. With results either way in about 30 minutes!

I don't know how to answer your questions. But I did want to point out what worked for me, and how it works.

I also have to take 10mg (or 20) Prednisone for another autoimmune condition.
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