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If you have thyroid problems, you may likely have an auto-immune disease, thus making it a necessity to have the proper diet. Most functional health care practitioners that have found the most success helping auto-immune thyroid patients heal demand that their patients have the correct diet. Why? It all starts in the gut! Heal your gut first, and then hopefully healing elsewhere will follow.

To get started in this series of articles, we want to start with a list of foods anyone with thyroid problems has must stay away from at all costs.

Foods to Avoid:

1) Number 1 on our list is Gluten. We will dive more in detail into this later, you must cut gluten out of your diet if you want healing with your thyroid. Wheat, grains, oats and so on are the most obvious. But you have to watch foods that hide gluten, such as sauces, (BBQ, soy, teriyaki) lunch meats, monosodium glutamate, non-dairy creamers, some spices, chewing gum fillers, binders, brewers yeast, etc.
2) All Sugars: agave, maple syrup, white sugar, coconut sugar, corn syrups and so on
3) Dairy and eggs
4) Soy products
5) Alcohol
6) High glycemic foods, bananas, high fructose fruits, dried fruits, etc.
7) Nuts, seeds and grains
8) Beans and legumes
9) Most processed foods, coffee and so on
10) Mushrooms and also nightshades

You may not like this list, but if you want healing you will have to work hard for it and ask yourself, what's more important, food or your health?
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