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Thyroid "Correction" Depleted My S.ex Hormones For 12 Years

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I just want to say this because this is important and I wanted to open dialogue. I was 18 and hyperthyroid, with migraines, heart fluttering, and was extremely underweight. I took radioactive iodine and my thyroid levels went into the normal range. I gained 40 pounds of healthy weight in 2 months and am grateful for that. The migraines never happened again, and the heart fluttering stopped.

However, there were severe negative side effects. I lost my sense of smell, my sense of taste, my sense of being able to feel texture. My mood was constantly low and subdued. I lost the ability to be attracted physically to other people, and I lost the ability to have s.ex in general. My feet were always cold. I woke up every morning severely dehydrated.

This lasted for 12 years. I lived a half-life. I spoke to doctors about it and was given every test under the sun. I was placed on testosterone therapy, as my testosterone was very low (always had been). Nothing changed except I mentally (not physically) wanted to have s.ex - all of the other symptoms remained.

I finally started applying a hormonal cream, DHEA, and it changed my life. All of my symptoms went away. After an entire decade, I was able to taste things, smell things, be attracted to others, and I feel happy.

I wanted to discuss this because I go to doctors, many different doctors and types of doctors, regularly, and my levels are always within the normal ranges. My TSH, T4, etc. may fluctuate from time to time, but is always within the normal range. When every level is normal, I don't know what justification I have to experiment with these levels, although I've certainly had these types of conversations with doctors. It sounds like hypothyroid symptoms potentially, but I experienced these symptoms for 12 years and my thyroid levels have fluctuated occasionally across the normal range. My TSH was 2.14 last lab. T4 and T3 levels were also within normal range.

I really wanted to start a discussion about this, just in case someone else is also in the same boat as me, and wonder what a solution might be. Perhaps what is considered normal thyroid levels isn't normal for my body. I mainly wanted to convey how much a DHEA cream changed my life - the pill version doesn't work at all (it metabolizes in the liver), but the cream is absorbed through the skin and is genuinely the most significant change I have ever experienced. Any thoughts?
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Interesting. I am guessing you are male? Yes, I know women need T too.

Prior to going on T replacement, I tried DHEA capsules on the advice of my Endocrinologist. My T levels were very low and DHEA did nothing to help. It is interesting that you note the DHEA cream is what works.

I'm not surprised that DHEA can help, we are creatures that absolutely require adequate hormones levels, not just for well being, but even to live.
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