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My husband (68 yrs. old) just had an u/s to check nodules on his thyroid. He had a couple in Jan 2020 that showed up on u/s for another issue and nobody mentioned them at the time of other test.. Dr. decided this time to look at them again and he has 3 nodules in total with the largest being now 2.1 centimeters (growing from 1.7c to 2.1 with another .8c one in another part of the thyroid and an even smaller one in the center area. He has a referral to an endo doc but they haven't called to set an appt. yet.

He is having no symptoms of thyroid disease or trouble with swallowing, etc. The larger nodule was rated moderately suspicious which of course has me concerned. I have gotten so much help from forums when I had bc and he had a stroke that I am hoping someone smarter than me can tell me if they ever had any nodules rated moderately suspicious without them being dangerous.
I have read that most nodules are not cancer and if they are it is more survivable than other cancers.

And that now they can use radio ablation to destroy them without cutting them out? That would be a blessing. Thank you for any help and information. I really appreciate it, April
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